The Lifescape Project is a not-for-profit organisation set up to design and undertake conservation projects that aim to support wildlife, transform landscapes, and help to provide a future for all life. We focus on ambitious projects that look at new ways of solving complex problems and bring together the skills and expertise of the public, private, and academic sectors. At the heart of all of our projects is a commitment to delivering environmental, social, and economic sustainability in order to make sure the benefits to wildlife are lasting.

We currently have six projects. You can read more about them by clicking the links:

If you’d like to help us continue our work, you can make a one-off donation or a monthly contribution via PayPal using the button below. Donations go towards supporting all of the Lifescape Project’s work. The Lifescape Project is a not-for-profit which is currently registering as a charity. (We are hoping the registration will be approved shortly!)

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