Teaming up with law firm Clifford Chance and the Wild Europe Initiative, the Lifescape Project is working to protect and restore ecosystems across Europe by collaborating with individuals and organisations who want to protect some of the world’s most threatened wild land.

This project focuses on adapting existing legal concepts across Europe so that they can be used to halt the loss of wild areas and important ecosystems. The legal mechanisms we are developing will allow individuals and organisations to secure protection for nature for hundreds of years, without having to lock up the land or take it off the market.

We are working on this new type of legal protection in France, Spain, and the UK, and have plans to expand this work to Romania, Turkey, Russia, Italy, and Poland.

The project is led by Adam Eagle, the Lifescape Project’s Chief Executive Officer. If you want to learn more about this exciting project or begin discussions about protecting land you own or manage, you can get in touch with Adam at

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