The Lifescape Project is providing support and expertise to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s ‘Rewilding Task Force‘.

The concept of rewilding is relatively new, and while it offers great potential for inspiring a new generation of conservationists, it is currently defined and approached in a number of different ways. The Task Force has been set up to develop a framework and definition for rewilding, so that it can be used in practice.

The Task Force’s goal is to synthesise and streamline the theory and practice of rewilding through a sharing of experience within the wider (and growing) rewilding expert community. The aim is to develop a more unified and cohesive rewilding approach that is both science-based and community-focused.

The Task Force comprises a core expert group that act as the task-based delivery team. Prof. Ian Convery of the University of Cumbria was appointed Chair of the Task Force at its establishment meeting.

The Task Force has established an expert panel, comprising academics, commentators and practitioners across the globe. This has included convening workshops to gather views and information in relation to the different approaches to rewilding. To date these have been in the USA (Florida) and in Europe (London), although the intention is to expand the Task Force to include representatives from around the world.

The Task Force has also engaged in a systematic literature review on rewilding which will be used to identify gaps in knowledge. Once these processes are complete, the information gathered will be synthesised in order to develop a set of Rewilding Principles and, after further contributions from a wide range of experts, a Guidance Document for Rewilding.

The project is led by Ian Convery, a Professor of Conservation Science at the University of Cumbria. If you want to learn more about this exciting project you can get in touch with Ian at ian.convery@cumbria.ac.uk

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