Holding Governments to Account By Harnessing the Power of Litigation, For Nature

Although lacking in some areas, governments and public bodies have many obligations to protect nature and biodiversity. The issue comes when governments fail to comply with such obligations and nature suffers as a result.

In our Litigation for Nature project, we work with other NGOs and local activists across countries globally to challenge government decisions and policies which fall short of existing legal obligations.

Below you can read more about our current work.

Scottish Beaver Culling

Since mid-2020 we have been collaborating with Scottish rewilding charity Trees for Life, managing their ground breaking case challenging NatureScot’s beaver culling policy. In the case, we argue that the policy breached Scotland’s Habitats Regulations for a number of important reasons.

In October 2021 the Lady Charmichael struck down the existing licences and found that NatureScot had failed to properly issue licences, by not giving detailed reasons for why each licence was issued. NatureScot had essentially been engaging in a rubber stamping exercise, which was unlawful.

Click here to read the full judgment.

Other Litigation

Our legal teams are working hard to develop other legal cases which we can bring alongside other charities and the general pubic, to use the power of litigation for nature.

We have several concepts in development, so watch this space!

For more information about Litigation for Nature, drop Elsie Blackshaw-Crosby (our Managing Lawyer) an email.

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