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Missing Lynx exhibition to tour Northumberland and nearby areas

Written by Faye Whiley

Missing Lynx exhibition to tour Northumberland and nearby areas

Missing Lynx exhibition to tour Northumberland and nearby areas

A stunning new exhibition called The Missing Lynx will tour local venues across Northumberland, the edge of Cumbria and the border of southern Scotland from Thursday 11th April 2024. It aims to inspire local people to find out about the lynx that used to live in Britain – they disappeared in medieval times when their woodland habitat was largely chopped down. Books and poems mention lynx in the countryside up until the 18th century, perhaps living alongside famous Northumberland landmarks like Alnwick Castle.

The exhibition will be free and tickets can be booked online. Everyone is invited to the exhibition which will welcome visitors during the day, evenings and at weekends. Venue locations include Kielder, The Sill and Hexham. See

The Missing Lynx exhibition uses interactive displays to bring lynx to life. Visitors can discover how Britain’s wild places have changed over the years, how nature has been lost, and how it might fare better in future. The exhibition charts the comeback of lynx across Europe and how restoring missing wildlife can help nature recover. It offers visitors a chance to immerse themselves in a wilder world, standing side-by-side with this missing mammal, surrounded by bird song.

The exhibition is created by Limbic Cinema, the team behind the Meadow Wall – an interactive projection that illuminated the facade of The City Baths in Newcastle. The studio specialises in using projection, light and sound to create mesmerizing and immersive experiences that inspire awe and wonder.

The exhibition is run by * * The Missing Lynx Project, a partnership between Northumberland Wildlife Trust, The Lifescape Project and The Wildlife Trusts. The partners would support a release of lynx in England if there is both an area in Britain where lynx can live, and local people are accepting of the animal. Our research has shown that lynx released in Northumberland could grow into a healthy population across the area and the bordering parts of southern Scotland. The Missing Lynx exhibition gives communities a chance to find out more and share their views on bringing back this missing species.

Dr Deborah Brady, The Lifescape Project’s Lead Ecologist says:

“Nature is in crisis and one in six species is now at risk of extinction in this country. Lynx are one of the native species that were once part of the rich mix of wildlife found in our countryside and one of many species that have vanished due to human impact. Animals and habitats are part of an interconnected web of life and huge efforts are being made to restore wildlife and the places that they depend on wherever possible. Replacing missing parts of this jigsaw such as lynx can help rebuild our ecosystems.”

Mike Pratt, Northumberland Wildlife Trust’s Chief Executive Officer, says:

“We’re excited about the exhibition and we hope people will enjoy it and find it awe-inspiring – it promises to be a memorable experience. We’re also looking forward to talking to local communities about it. It’ll be interactive and people will have a chance to discover lynx and will also be able to express their views. We know that Northumbrians love wildlife and it’s not often that you get a nature show touring the region. Sign-up for your ticket soon!”

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