We want to live in world rich in wild landscapes, providing a sustainable future for life on earth. To do this, our mission is to catalyse the creation, restoration and protection of wild landscapes by pursuing projects which utilise skills including science, technology, law, economics, and communications.

Our Approach to Rewilding  

We pursue our mission by:

  1. Contributing our skills, with a focus on our five core skill areas, to projects which create, restore, and protect wild landscapes, whether being led by us or by our collaborators.
  2. Running projects to pursue our core objectives which we believe will catalyse the creation, restoration, and protection of wild landscapes. Our core objectives link back to our five skills and are:


We want to see economic systems that promote the creation, restoration, and protection of wild landscapes.


We want to see scientific evidence generated to support the creation, restoration, and protection of wild landscapes, and for decision makers to follow such evidence.


We want to see laws in place to protect nature, or to enable/require its restoration, and these need to be enforced.


We want to see cultures that appreciate, support and promote wild nature in their landscapes, and its intrinsic value as well as its role in creating sustainable social-ecological systems.


We want to see technology developed and employed to enable the creation, restoration and protection of wild landscapes.

Our Story

The Lifescape Project was established in 2017 by a team of individuals at Clifford Chance, AECOM and the University of Cumbria who, motivated by the significant degradation of the world’s ecosystems in recent times, desired to make a real difference in the protection of the global ecosystem and undertake ecological restoration.

The collaboration stemmed from a previous ecological project which introduced a unique set of industries and individuals to one another, and those involved soon realised that they could combine their expertise in the fields of ecology, law, economics, academia and sustainability with their love for the environment in an entirely new project. This blend of driven and intelligent professionals across a variety of disciplines helped spawn the idea for an independent charity which could continue to build on the work and relationships initiated under that enterprise. Motivated by a mutual desire to take on innovative and challenging new projects, with the aim of promoting and actively working towards wildlife and biodiversity conservation and restoration, the first steps were taken to establish a body which could take on ecological projects and make ideas of sustainability and restoration a reality where others hadn’t tried or been able to make headway.  

In this way the Lifescape Project was born. Since its establishment, the Lifescape Project has sought to foster the passion and expertise of those involved in order make a long-term positive impact on the global ecosystem. All human and professional resourcing comes from time donated by individuals and partner organisations and since its founding we have collaborated with a growing number of institutions to achieve our long term aim of promoting global ecological restoration. We have worked with individuals from bodies including Defra, Natural England, National Museums Scotland and Cumbria Wildlife Trusts and continue to encourage collaboration from a varied mix of environmental experts and other professionals.

Meet the team

The Lifescape Project is made up of:

  • Adam Eagle, our Chief Executive Officer
  • Dr. Deborah Brady our Lead Ecologist
  • Elsie Blackshaw our Managing Lawyer
  • Chris White one of our trustees and an Environmental Economist at AECOM
  • Dr. Darrell Smith one of our trustees and a Conservation Scientist at the University of Cumbria
  • Prof. Ian Convery one of our trustees anda Conservation Scientist at the University of Cumbria
  • Max Heaver one of our trustees and a Civil Servant at Defra
  • Roger Leese one of our trustees and a Commercial Lawyer at Clifford Chance
  • Sally Hawkins one of our trustees and a Conservation Scientist at the University of Cumbria
  • Steve Smith one of our trustees andthe Environment Lead for AECOM London and South East
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